Transforming office space design
in British Columbia's Public Service

On-Line Document


On-Line Tool

A comprehensive handbook to guide the future of government office space design in British Columbia.

Created for employees and supervisors, as well as a reference manual to those involved in the process of facilities management, workplace planning, and project management.

The Blueprint document supports innovative planning solutions by describing leading workplace strategies, office design best practices, workstyle definitions, workspace 'building blocks', and conceptual layouts.


Blueprint+ is a planning tool that can help figure out how much office space a work group needs. It is accurate, quick to use, consistent, but flexible, supports the new workstyle categories and a variety of open and enclosed collaboration spaces, instantly provides measurements and metrics, and is simple enough to be used by everyone!

Blueprint+, a workspace calculator tool, redefines space allocation by dynamically linking workstyles to optimal space use. Space is broken down into people, collaboration, support, and program specific space that together define a unique blueprint for space to support the work unit.